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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Meditation for Healing Videos: 12 or so Minutes Daily

Meditation is a crucial part of the treatment of chronic pain. I invite my readers to share any great videos which help in this healing process. Chronic pain has a form of its own. These 2 videos below may help someone in chronic pain gently improve by letting the mind through music heal the body.

This is a beautiful video of Reiki meditative music. Let the relaxing music move from your head slowly down your body into your toes. Image that healing spirit, in whatever your religious or spiritual traditions, move through your body. Be at peace. Use this time to love yourself free on other distractions. Be well.

This next video allows healing through the gentle waves of the ocean washing away the pain and discomfort. I personally love the shoreline of lakes and oceans. I love the gentle, and sometimes fierce, movement of the water. Imagine the water flowing over you with peace, love, and joy. Feel refreshed. Start away from your injury. If it is your foot, start the meditation at your head, then move to the forehead, then eyebrows, and gradually, ever so gradually, move to your foot. Be in no rush. Feel the water wash away your pain whenever it is. Come back daily to be refreshed and healed once again. Be well.

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