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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Orthotic Modification to Prevent Sliding Forward

This photo shows that the heel padding of one of my orthotic devices was removed. This patient complained sliding forward in the shoe when wearing her orthotic devices. I initially used tongue padding to hold her back, and this helped some.

I also added power lacing to allow the shoe to grab the heel area better, but without making it too tight.

When that did not completely solve the problem, I removed the original neolon topcover and replaced with the blue EVA topcover seen in the original photo. 

Since I was trying to stabilize the front of her foot mainly, I then removed the rearfoot posts which always pitch you forward. And, when that did not completely help, I removed the heel area of the topcover completely and the sliding forward stopped. Who knows if I would have achieved the same if this is how I had started. But, I have given you 5 treatment options when this problem occurs. 
A. Tongue Padding
B. Power Lacing
C. Less Slippery Topcover
D. Remove the Rearfoot Post (at least thin maximally)
E. Remove Heel Part of the Topcover 

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