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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Water Aerobic Shoes

Dear Dr. Blake,

I found your website two days ago, and it is the very best and informative I have read on the subject of Halllux Rigidus.
You have given an invaluable amount of information on the subject.

Recommendations are excellent, I may have rushed into surgery without your help.  You have saved me from
what could be a disaster.

I thought your idea of putting orthotics in water shoes, making them special to fit is an excellent idea.
The Hallux Rigidus has reactivated my degenerative back plus sciatica, and I need to get back to water therapy,
but am afraid because of lack of proper footwear.  I am a female

You Mentioned the 1) Merrell Water ProSable
                            2) Keen Mystic
                            3) Salomon Techamphibian

The first two are no available, also having trouble finding the 3rd.

Do you have any other ideas?

Dr Blake's comment: Please see my five shoe recommendations listed below. Sorry the other list was quite outdated. All these shoes you can skip the lace near the side of the big toe like the photo to the left.

Am I correct in assuming the insole has to be removable in order to put the orthotic in?

Dr Blake's comment: Not always, some of the mesh in the toes give enough room on top to enable the orthotic to go on top of the insert. With Hallux Rigidus, there usually is not enough room for both orthotic and insert. Remember a water aerobic orthotic can only be made of plastic!!

Also, top to joint is swollen, and so water shoe has to be deep enough to accommodate that. Dr Blake's comment: Usually why you have to remove the insert.

I tried logging into your site, not even sure I was trying it correctly.

I hope it is okay to contact you directly.

Dr Blake's comment: This was an email to

I hope to hear from you.  I really feel terrible with both conditions.

I am on Indocin, and waiting for custom orthotics to be ready.

Any, and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Nancy (name changed)

Sporti Women's Trainer Water Shoe

Sporti Women's TriMesh Water Shoe

New Balance SW720 or SW820 Women's

Ryka Aqua Fit 4 Lady

Columbia Sportswear Outpost Hybrid 2

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