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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Achilles Stretching: What if it hurts?

YouTube Viewer Asked:
What if your achilles gets irritated ?

Dr Blake's comment:

If you are doing achilles stretching exercises, and you feel that the tendon is getting irritated, you must back off. There are many ways to do this. You can try spending less time (say 20 seconds not 30 seconds). You can try going a little less deep into the stretch. You can use heat before (or massage) stretching. You can ice for 5 minutes after the stretch. Once you find the appropriate stretch that does not irritate, gradually increase the stretch over the next few months. Hope helps. Rich

Another YouTube Viewer Wrote:
I read that these stretches can be done with pain and can improve the pain.

Dr Blake's comment:

See my comment above. Pain is so subjective. Yes, pain between 0-2 on a scale of 10 is probably okay since you are stressing the tissue. However, your level 2 may be my level 5 and someone else a 0. We all have different pain levels. That being said it really boils down to you listening to your body and feeling what is good pain and what is bad pain. 25% of people are natural at this, the other 75% really do not get the idea so online advice has to be somewhat conservative. Hope this helps Rich

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