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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Low Dose Naltrexone: Bright Help for Patients with Nerve Pain

This was an email I recently received. I have worked with her on the orthotic side of helping her nerve pain. The Hannaford based orthotics were definitely helpful, but she remained with incredible pain. I recently went to a nerve lecture regarding CRPS. At this lecture, the pain specialist mentioned Low Dose Naltrexone and sublingual Ketamine as great drugs for nerve pain. This patient definitely agrees with LDN. 

Hello Dr. Blake,

How are you?  Long time no see.

I would like to come and see you in August so that I can have my orthotics redone again.  I've been taking a drug called Low Dose Naltrexone and experiencing great benefit.  IT has almost no side effects – it's a glial cell modulator – and the neurologist I'm seeing has been very helpful. 

Dr Blake's comment: This young lady has been suffering years with nerve pain. I was so happy to open the email from her. I asked her to fully explain the dosage as best she could. Here was her response.

It used to be that people began with 1.3 ml and slowly went up to 3 and then 5 ml.  However, Kaiser now compounds it and makes it in 5 ml caps.  My doctor recently gave me 5 ml caps.  That was effective, but then I went up to 10 and found it even more effective.  I asked if I could go up to 15 and she was fine with that because it is such a safe drug.  I now take 15 with no side effects and now have incredible results.  I walked a mile on cement sidewalks tonight.  Watched a movie and walked a mile back with only a very mild pain sensation that occurred only near the end of the walk.

I took 5 for a couple of weeks, 10 for 4 more weeks and then began 15 about two weeks ago.  I'll stay at this level, probably.

She is Dr. Rubenstein – neurologist in pain management dept at Santa Rosa Kaiser.

Good luck!


One more thing:  Doctors are told that LDN should be taken at night.  This can cause the one negative side effect which is overly vivid and intense dreams.  My doctor said I can take the drug anytime – it's not necessary to take it at night.  I take it after breakfast and it works beautifully.

Dr Blake's comment: Please also see the wonderful video from Dr Chopra whom I first learned about LDN. 

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