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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Better Exercise not More Exercise should be our Mantra

As the summer winds down, and we settle in for a great Fall workout program, the following article highlights some of the key aspects of a smart and effective schedule. The highlights focus on what to avoid to stay injury free:

  1. Too Much Too Soon
  2. Poor Planning and Goal Setting
  3. Wrong Workout Gear
  4. Poor Exercise Form
  5. You Don't Mix It Up
  6. You Think Negatively
  7. Poor Nutrition
  8. Don't Rest Enough
After looking over this list, I am suspect in 5 of these categories, and at 59 years old, I am prone more to injury unless I straighten up my act!!!

On a personal note, tomorrow August 7th, I am starting a personal 150 day program to get in shape and shed 30 pounds. I will try to use the advice learned from this nice article to stay focused with better cross training, a more positive attitude, better diet and amount of sleep (less blogging!!??), and a gradual buildup in my exercises.

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