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Monday, August 19, 2013

Severe Heel Pain (in a friend!): More than just Plantar Fasciitis

Hey Rich
Just saw your You Tube video on Facebook.  I KNEW  I should have called you when
I had plantar fasciitis in July 2012.  

I have been limping around with severe heel pain in my left foot for over a year. Sometimes
both heels if I've been standing in one place for a period of time.  Grandma must be getting
old !!!

My friend and I had been walking for about 3 miles every day until one day I woke up
and couldn't walk.  My friend told me what was wrong as she teaches anatomy at the med
school here.  

I used a wooded thing over which I would rub my foot back and forth and then soak in a bucket
of ice water for about 20 minutes or... until I thought I would pass out ... which ever came first.

The plantar part seemed to get better but the pain in the heel is particularly bad when I've been sitting,
especially with my legs elevated in the recliner.  Ouch !!!

When I get up I limp around for 2-3 minutes until it works itself out.   

Is there anything you can suggest that might help?

I'm so glad that you have developed something that is helping others.

Many blessings,

julie (name changed)

Hey Julie, It is so wonderful to hear from you. I miss seeing you my dear dear friend (our friendship goes back almost 40 years!!!) Definitely let us take this 2 weeks at a time. First of all, if you can not get an MRI to make the diagnosis of a possible plantar fascial tear (good possibility due to the length of time and the severity of the pain), then we should just treat it like that for the next 3 months. I will send you the link to order an anklizer boot and EvenUP. Start wearing and continue icing. There will be enough time out of the boot that you will know that you are healing. Continue icing 3 times daily, but stop all plantar fascial stretching for now. We will put all other conversation on this same post. Love, Rich

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