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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Metatarsal Pain with Possible Plantar Plate Tear: Email Advice

Hi Dr. Blake,

 I'm all the way over here in Northern Virginia but found you while researching plantar plate tears. I think I might have one near my 4th metatarsal. I injured my right foot 8 weeks ago, was horribly misdiagnosed by a "top" ortho-foot surgeon here and am now looking for someone who can help me figure out what's really going on. 

Do you do consults with non-local patients? 
Dr Blake's comment: I have provided email/mail consultations, and I am happy to review things for you. The distance is always a problem, and I never feel that I am really doing a good job in this area. I am my own worse critic however. It is so important to find someone closer to you that you trust. You can check the AAPSM website for qualified sports medicine podiatrists nearer you. 

I have X-rays, no MRI yet but can get it.
Dr Blake's comment: This is definitely an MRI diagnosis!!

 I can not put any weight on my foot at all without pain. I can not walk or drive.
Dr Blake's comment: This is not unusual for undiagnosed plantar plate tears, metatarsal stress fractures, etc. Get that MRI. Please purchase an Anklizer Removable Boot and EvenUp and start creating that pain free environment. Ice for 10 minutes 3 times a day if you can tolerate the cold. Should feel better. 

 I'm 39, very active (lifting, dancing, lots of walking, biking, etc). I will do whatever it takes to walk without pain again. Thanks for reading this and thank you SO MUCH for this blog. It's helped me stave off some seriously depressing thoughts in the middle of the night!!
Dr Blake's comment: Thank you.

Annie (name changed)

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