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Friday, September 13, 2013

Removable Boots and EvenUps: Email Advice

Dear Dr. Blake,

I saw the image of one of your braces on line and wanted to write you about my mother.  She's 75 and has had RA since she was 40; she's 5'8" and weighs 140lbs.  Last year she had a stress fracture in her right heel and had to wear a knee-high brace for three months; this threw her back out of whack and she incurred a compression fracture in one vertebrae due to the different heights of the walking shoe and the boot.  

Having finally recovered from that injury and started an exercise and weight-lifting program (very gentle and minimal), she is now facing another stress fracture in her left heel.  Does she have any other options than the full-height boot?

Thank you for any information you have,

Dr Blake's comment: Thanks for the email. The older the patient, the harder the higher boots are to wear and not cause problems. She should try the lower to the ground, and more natural moving, cam walker from Ovation Medical. Also, she should have an EvenUp on the other side. I hope this helps her. Rich

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