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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Email Advice

Hi Dr. -

      I have RA which have mostly affected my knees. I had a synovectomy on my left knee and do not have full extension or flexion in either. I saw my knee doctor today and asked if seeing a podiatrist for some shoe/ feet advice would be a good idea. He said yes. 

     My questions: would orthotics help my situation, I'm somewhat flat footed and knock kneed as well (awesome right?) I would like to be able to walk 30 minutes a day for exercise but have found in the past that I get foot pain. I know this is mostly due to my awkward gait caused by knee issues.
Dr Blake's comment: Definitely, I always recommend trying to make patients more stable. The health provider whom designs the orthotics will have to decide on full foot correction only, full knee correction, or a compromise between the 2. Sometimes I will make one version, see how it works, and then rework if the foot or knee is not getting the relief I want. 

     Are there certain brands of shoes you can recommend? Especially for walking but casual shoes as well.
Dr Blake's comment: Typically, I start with a bigger more supportive orthotic that works in SAS, Brooks Addiction Walker or Asics 2170 type shoe. Then, if this works, I can make a more scaled down version sacrificing some support for shoe fit. 

 I've tried the as seen on tv inserts, happy feet, none of those seem to help, in fact I think they hurt. I feel like a soft but firm support would be awesome, but what do I know. I would be so stoked if you respond to this and more them willing to come see you if you think you ca offer me some help and direction. I hope you're having a great day/evening and thank you for your time.

:) Karen (name changed due to witness protection)


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