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Sunday, September 29, 2013

ABEO Sandal: A Great Recommendation from a Trusted Foot Patient

This recommendation gets one or two more stars in quality since the patients has been suffering with terrible nerve pain for a long time. 

Hey Dr Blake:

 A couple things you might want to keep in your bag of tricks if ever you run into another person like me, who has done everything and tried it all.....and still had pain that is impacting their life.  Also, a person who doesn’t do well with pills.  I bought 3 new shoes which have helped with the comfort and pain a lot.  The brand is ABEO and they are available at the WalkingCompany.  There is one on College in Berkeley and many elsewhere.  They have a squishy but moldable footbed and have been a godsend.  I went back and bought these....which I am walking the dog in pretty well.  I still use my tennis shoes and your HANDMADE WITH CARE orthotics for my Reservoir adventures.

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