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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Border to Border Run: My Past

During my second year of podiatric residency, I joined with 9 other runners and 4 alternates to run from Oregon to Mexico as a Publicity Stunt for the California Podiatry Association. I am right between the R of the first Border and the TO (rather dorky looking) in the first row---always got to be in the spot light. It will always be the most unbelievable endurance event in my life. I ran 125 miles in 7 days!  I ran from Feb to early May building my mileage from 0 to 70 miles per week. My weight went from 236 (Medical Residents eat not exercise!!) to 184 during my training, and then to 174 by the end of the week. 

We started at the Oregon Border with 2 vans--5 runners and 2 alternates in each. The 2 alternates were in charge of every detail besides running. We had 10 hours to run 70 miles, yes averaging 7 minute miles, and then transferred the baton to the next van while we were supposed to drive 70 miles down the course, ate and sleep. We had some much PR work to do (radio, newspaper, and TV interviews) that 8 hours of sleep typically became 5 or 6. We went down the state on 101 then over to Sacramento through Clearlake. After Sacramento, we ran down to San Francisco, and through the peninsula to Pacheco's Pass. We ran day and night, 24/7, with each group sharing some of the most dangerous sections. The entire course was pre-approved by the Highway Patrol. 

We ran on to Fresno for more PR opportunities and then back to San Luis Obispo. I was so sick by then that one of my fellow runners, Matt Fettig, ran 4 of my miles for me!! I was upset since that meant I would only do 121 miles that week. From there we headed now the coast to San Diego, finishing actually 7 days from when we started. From then, I started my podiatry practice one month later. 

I have so many memories of that event, and have had so many inspirations from this group. Closest to me are Dr Jane Denton (female on the lower right) who has her elbows on Dr Chris Yee (Hawaii) and Dr Dave Hannaford (Marin County and famous for the Hannaford Orthotic). Dr Jane Denton has been my podiatric partner now for 30 years, and one of my best friends. Between me and Dr Yee is the true mastermind of this adventure, Dr John Colson. John practiced in San Diego, and was on the committee that agreed with this scheme. John and I were best friends, and with my being at the California College of Podiatric Medicine, called and see if I could round up 8 other runners. They were easy to find in podiatry school. In 1981, Podiatry was truly at the forefront of sports medicine with biomechanics, and students filled the schools (like me) hoping to have a sports medicine practice.

Next to me to the left is Dr Pamela Sisney who practices in Cincinati. Next to her to the far lower left is Dr Kevin Kirby, whom sent me this photo, and is the biomechanics guru of our time in podiatry. Dr Kirby (I refer frequently to the Kirby Skive) practices in Sacramento, California, and lectures around the world on biomechanics. Holding the sign, next to Dr Kirby, and obviously not a runner (but a good friend) is Dr Richard Green who practices in San Diego. Dr David Laha (whom we called Layaway) is in the upper right and practices in Kansas, and in the upper left holding his hands out is Dr Steven Palladino whom practices in Santa Rosa. Dr Robert Eckles and Dr Matt Fettig are next to and under him respectively. Dr Paul Resignato stands in the upper middle with his cool bandana!!

Thanks for letting me relax and remember times that I didn't sit so much!!! 

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