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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tailor's Bunion Pain or Is it?

This was a comment on my tailor's bunion video on my youtube channel also entitled  drblakeshealingsole. 
To:Richard Blake

I have a question about the tailor bunion...does this seem to come on suddenly and feel as if one is stepping on a rock? I did so much googling on internet for days and could not find anything for the longest time.
The location of my foot problem is in the tailor bunion area. But it seems I have other symptoms that don't match.
About 4 months ago I stepped out of the pool and felt like I had a rock stuck in my foot but nothing was there! Hurt sooo bad. It seemed to be slightly red/ was exactly where I have a mildish callous on the bottom of foot below pinky toe. It went away after a while and I forgot all about it.
Then a couple of days ago..boom out of nowhere it happened again! (walking in my kitchen minding my own biz). I took a closer look with flashlight and the area (on bottom of foot where callous was) was a little red and when I put pressure on it I could see a sort of star shaped white-ish area inside below the skin...did not have that on the other foot. (it's not a plantar's wart). So I pushed on it for a while and took some pics of it. About five hours later it was all bruised up (but maybe that is because I was manipulating it so much). Also when standing only, the bone below the toe on the top of my foot appeared to be protruding more so than the other foot..I really freaked out about that but concluded it was from the area being swollen. I really don't think it is broken. I can move my toes and everything just fine.
Does this sound like tailor bunion? I have pictures...
I'm so bummed because I've been slacking in exercise and was planning to start walking/jogging again.

Dr Blake's comment:

     Tailor's bunions are very gradually changes to the fifth metatarsal which develop over years as the foot spreads out. The pain you are having could be a bone bruise from walking on the cement around and in a pool, or a simple corn that can slowly develop under the tailor's bunion and one day hit critical mass and really hurt. Simple corns can bring big strong people to their knees. Corns are actually just dead skin accumulations and should not hurt to debride them. If they hurt and bleed, you may be dealing with a wart which may just be in the area of the tailor' bunion. The star shaped whitish area is probably the central core of a corn, and this central core dives deep irritating the nerves. I doubt it is broken also. Try the lip stick technique where you mark alittle lipstick on the sore area and place it barefoot in your shoe that has an insert. Walk around alittle and see where the lipstick rubs off. Cut a hole in this area and/or build up the area around it with other pads from old shoes. I hope this helps you. Rich

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