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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plantar Plate Tear of the 2nd MTP: Email Advice

Hi Dr Blake,

I'm desperate for advice.

 I'm 17 wks pregnant and after 10 mos of misdiagnosis and on/off pain, I was informally diagnosed with plantar plate tear of 2nd MT.

 My MD said since the pain has been present for 10 mos, the likelihood of it healing on its own is slim.  The joint is more lax dorsally than the uninvolved side and I have a mild hammer toe deformity. I started wearing a walking boot a week ago, and it provides almost complete pain relief.

 I am a physical therapist. Really want to avoid surgery. Does this sound like it could repair itself? Does it sound like a grade 2 or 3 tear?  Will have to wait to get MRI until after pregnancy. Thank you!

Alice (name changed)

Dr Blake's comment: 

     Sorry for your problem, and congratulations on the pregnancy. I have 2 wonderful unbelievable boys, and can not image life without them. You have a wonderful journey ahead. They will grow, but you also. 

     Only an MRI will tell us grade 2 or 3, with grade 3 being a complete tear of the plantar plate. Unfortunately, due to your pregnancy, you must wait. The walking boot is now your gold standard. It has proven you can produce a pain free environment for healing. You must use it on and off for 3 months, unless you can find a shoe that gives you just as much pain relief. Consider looking into hike and bike cycling shoes with rigid soles, or hiking boots, or getting a Bock carbon graphite shoe insole and see if it works in your athletic shoes. But, whatever you are walking in, we must create a pain free environment over the next 3 months to try to create a great healing environment. During that time, you ice pack the area from the bottom 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes. This daily program reduces the inflammation, both the acute (daily), and the chronic (built up over the last 10 months). Begin to experiment with Budin splints to get the right tension and decide if you put over the 2nd toe only or both the second and third toes. Sometimes, I will use the double Budin splint and place over the 2nd and 4th toes with the two loops. You will be wearing the Budin splint while you strengthen the area for 2 years. Some of my patients run marathons in these splints. 

     As the pain calms down, and you get into more normal shoes, if the Budin splint is not enough protection, then you need to experiment with Hapad Longitudinal Medial Arch Pads. 
The most important thing to do right now, and for the next 3-4 years is daily Metatarsal Doming Exercises. This will strengthen the bottom muscles probably 3 times more than they were, but it is important not to curl the toes. It can take the next 1-2 months just developing the ability to keep the toes straight before you actually dome. 

     Good luck and congratulations. Rich

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