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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Foot and Ankle Strengthening Video Playlist

The following is my playlist on foot and ankle strengthening. I email this playlist constantly to my patients with the goal of having them learn 6 basic foot and ankle exercises. I tell them to alternate them by doing 2 exercises each evening. I love having my patients strengthen their feet in the evenings, so if they fatigue them, they will have all night to rest. The classic foot and ankle strengthening exercises that everyone should do are: metatarsal doming (aka metatarsal arcing), single leg balancing, posterior tibial theraband, peroneus longus theraband, and 2 positional achilles strengthening (straight and bent knee). I advise my patients to study the exercises which will be increased in sets/reps or time or difficulty. Each month they should do alittle more, with the goal of 12 months of gradually increasing the strength of each exercise. There should never be pain, and when the exercises get easy, more time/reps/difficulty should be added.
Golden Rule of Foot: Begin Strengthening the foot and ankle as soon as you are injured. 

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