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Friday, July 11, 2014

Neural Tension Introduction Video

This nice video begins a discussion about neural tension. Neural tension can produce pain syndromes, and its treatment in minimizing neural tension can dramatically ease pain. We all know that when we lift something heavy we need to bend our knees. The bending of the knees takes tension off the sciatic nerve running in the back of the knee, thus less neural tension. At the ankle, limiting the total amount of flexion also takes tension off the sciatic nerve called the tarsal tunnel, also producing less neural tension. Hyper-extending our knees can over stretch the sciatic nerve, producing abnormal neural tension and resultant nerve symptoms. So much that goes into gait evaluation and sport technique evaluation comes from concepts of avoiding too much neural tension and the development of pain syndromes. Over pronation of the ankle, over stretches the sciatic nerve, leading to neural tension in the foot, ankle, and above (podiatrist's bread and butter!!).

Plie in Ballet would cause neural tension in the ankle due to the extreme flexion except for the knee being bent which relaxes the sciatic nerve. The spine should also be in neutral position at this point putting no tension on the nervous system. 

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