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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nerve Pain and the Loss of Right Left Discrimination

I was just purchasing the laterality cards for one of my patients who does not use the internet from when I saw/remembered that they have an app. So I downloaded it and thought I would spread the word. When you have nerve pain in your foot you can lose the ability to discern if you are looking at your right foot or left foot. It is the brain trying to avoid pain, and as this process of avoidance gets rooted in your nervous system, it is hard to reverse. Laterality flash cards demonstrated by the app below, and purchased for around $50, can be for feet, hands, knees, etc. Depends where the nerve pain is. It is extremely helpful at preventing the nerve pain rewiring that is devastating to many. It is part of a process called graded motor imagery. 

                               Is this the right or left foot?

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