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Monday, July 28, 2014

Sesamoid Fracture: Email Advice

     I am 23 years old, I am currently in the Air Force and I am dealing with a fibular sesamoid fracture. I have ran my entire life and grew up in a small town where sports were everything. I played everything from basketball, volleyball, softball, track and cross country and I never had issues with my feet. 

     In December 2013, I gradually started to feel a small pain in my foot and ignored it, I self diagnosed myself with metatarsalgia. I dealt with the pain for about 5 months thinking it would subside overtime, but to make a long story short, it got to be unbearable. 

     I had an x-ray taken sure enough it was a fibular sesamoid fracture, which is puzzling to me. I didn't hit the ball of my foot hard on anything and I do not run nearly as much as when I was in High School. I was placed in a cam boot for a month, and then I was referred to a podiatrist.

     The podiatrist told me I would be placed on crutches for a period of 3 months with 60% chance of healing. I am stressing myself out looking for success stories of how I can still be hopeful to maybe be normal again. If I do need surgery why must they take the bone out creating a chance that I will have to have both removed someday and the possibility of having my toe fused together. Therefore,  surgery does not seem like a solution.

      I have also heard that the surgery can lead to Bunions and Turf Toe. I am an active individual and this doesn't seem like it is an easy thing that I can continue dealing with. Has this always been the temporary fix? I am open to suggestions; books, running differently, walking differently, inserts, chiropractic advice..... anything I don't want to remove the bones...

Dr Blake's comment:

     Thanks so very much for your email. My blog is so full of posts on this injury. I am very happy with the results of conservative care, but you will see it takes alot of work. Crutches add to the swelling (pain) and demineralization (poor bone healing). So, see if you can get in a position of protected weight bearing with crutches and orthotics with dancer's pads. Fight the swelling with 2 icings and 1 contrast bathing daily. Fight the demineralization with calcium 1500 mg per day, Vit D3 1000 units per day, and protected weight bearing. I have included my previous blog posts on this injury which I hope will be helpful. Let me know if I can help more. Rich

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