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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Accessory Navicular: Email Advice

I am enjoying your website. It has helped me to understand my navicular syndrome.
I am 64 and didn't have any problems till 2 years ago, thought I had a fracture but 
Dr informed me of my extra navicular bone in each foot.  Got thru that episode on my right foot after 3 weeks of rest etc.
Now, I wake up in the night with Left ankle pain, can hardly walk till I take ibuprofen, ice my ankle, wear my boot shoe and elevate. By afternoon it subsides and I can get around pretty well. This has happened for 3 nights now.
I do put pillows around my foot at night, it feels good. I do have a bone that sticks out on each foot.
Dr Blake's comment: Does the left ankle hurt at the bone? Does it hurt to put weight down or to move the ankle in circles or both? Answer by commenting on this post and I will reply to your comment. You should be icing 10 minutes 3-5 times a day and try the kinesiotape circumferiential wrap. The taping for the posterior tibial tendon dysfunction problem is probably the best for you. 

Your videos on taping and exercise have been informative.
I started doing the first exercise gently.

Any tips on how not to aggravate it during the night. Am I just stretching it in my sleep enough to upset the tendon ?
Dr Blake's comment: Try the posterior sleeping splint for plantar fasciitis. Works well at night for this. 

I wear my ankle compression sock or ankle brace on some nights.
This is getting in the way of my daily gardening etc.
Dr Blake's comment: Use a removable boot anklizer type just for gardening (you can put your orthotic and tape inside the boot).

Okay, not that type of boot!! Good luck, and get an MRI soon if it is not turning the corner. 
I do wear arch supports in my shoes. Ive tried a number of different types. Some aggravate it even more. 
Thank You for any help. I would rather avoid surgery. 
I use to work in SF years ago. I live North of Portland in WA now.

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