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Monday, February 29, 2016

Severe Plantar Fasciitis and Oral Cortisone: Email Advice

Dear Dr. Blake.
Thank you so much for posting and blogging about Plantar Fasciitis /Bursitis.
It has been very helpful for me.
In my hospital in Amsterdam i had all the treatings. I do not
have to name it again.. I told my orthopedic doktor about oral cortisone and he was
at least suprised. He never heard of oral cortisone with Plantar Fasciitis.

He gave me a cortisone injection.
No pain relief. Yes for 4 day.s..

At the moment i.m in Marbella/Spain.
Also here i have had, Fysiotherapy, laser. insoles...
no happy end . Pain and pain.. of course I used also ibuprofen, paracetamol,
naproxen and so on and so on.
I.m desperate.. 

Reading your artikel about Oral Cortisone..
And the Prednisone Burst.
I want please to ask you.
You are working with sport men and woman.
I.m a fragil woman from 70 years old and my weight is 60 kg.

I think that for every person the quantity of oral prednisone can be different.
So in my case what do you advice me ?? How much is responsable for me, as an old fragil woman to take ?
Dr Blake's comment: Please ask a pharmacist  if age and weight are a factor. I have not come across that. 

Considering the fact that I also have a severe pulmonary fibrose IPF, and i.m on PIRFENIDONE.
Thats  a very heavy and strong medicin.
The regular dose of Pirfenicone = 9 pils a day, but I can only handle 6 pils a day.

Dr Blake's comment: Your doctor treating the fibrosis, and the pharmacist mixing the drugs, would be the best at commenting if a 8 day course of oral cortisone would be contra-indicated. 
I would be so happy to hear from you and listen to your advice.
Yesterday I started with 2 pils of 5 mg (togehter) and it was too strong already.
My body was shaking..and sweating and so on..
Dr Blake's comment: That is probably your answer not to take. Sorry.  If you can get an MRI or Ultrasound, see if you do not have a plantar fascial tear. The treatment would be a removable boot for 12 weeks but you do not need the medicine then. Good luck . Dr Rich Blake

Yes i hope you have a little time to answer me.
Thank you so much Dr. Blake and I wish you all the best..

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