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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Recurring Tendinitis (primarily peroneal): Email Advice

Hi Dr. Blake,
I have had recurring tendonitis diagnosed in various tendons in my lower leg and foot over the past 2 years. Started with overuse sesamoiditis, posterioal tendonitis and peroneal tendonitis. MRIs of foot, knee and even back after an EMG because of calf muscle atrophy. I am a climber so this constant injury is very frustrating to not be able to walk lain free, let alone climb. A podiatrist and now an orthopedic surgeon recommend a tendon sheath injection for the Peroneal tendon issues. I have pain at attachment under arch and at side of calf below knee. Weakness and increase pain wih movement. Also tendon pops at ankle. I have done pt and various therapies only to platue. Do you thimk the shot is best way to go? What questions do I need to be asking to make sure it is safe?
Thanks, Sarah 

Dr Blake's response:

Sarah, sorry for my delay in responding. I am assuming that the MRIs only came back with tendinitis and no tears. The PRP injections are gaining popularity, make some sense, but I just have no experience with it to recommend clearly. Definitely no cortisone into the muscle, tendon or sheath for fear of rupture due to transient weakness (which could last up to 9 months). Review the blog article on BRISS for tendinitis. See if there is anything missing in your treatment. Have you been adequately immobilizing in a below the knee removable boot for up to 3 months? Do you then to supinate excessively even with orthotic devices? When you return to activity, do you just go back to an overuse situation? Sounds like unless you can not get the tendon strong, it will be permanently the weak link for activities. How can it be made stronger? Or why haven't the PTs been able to make it strong? Sorry more questions than answers. Rich

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