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Monday, February 15, 2016

Referral Source: AAPSM for quality sports medicine

Hello Dr. Blake,

I am a nurse, 66, very active (till recently) with hallux limitus. I had the issue a few years ago but it went away with shoes, rest and so forth.  I would like to see someone like you in the Austin Texas area (or fly to see you if necessary - this could be difficult but I would do it!) but cannot seem to figure out how to assess by websites.  I have seen one person so far but did not like his nonconservative approach as I think orthotics and PT could really help.  Short of learning how to tape and get shoes and orthotics from web reviews I feel kind of on my own.  Austin must have some good people but I cannot find.  I wonder if you have heard of anyone here from one of your professional meetings or so forth?  I know if you mentioned a name that would not mean you know they are good, but just that I would go see and assess for myself.

I really want to do the right things for myself.  I stopped jogging and don’t want my overall health to deteriorate because of pain but also don’t want to ignore the pain.  I just bought 2 pairs of Finn Comfort shoes with a sort of rocker bottom and I am feeling lots better after that.

Thank you for your time and being so great!

Thank you so very much for your email. I am past president of the AAPSM (link below), and the members in general are more into sports medicine and keeping their patients going than most podiatrists. This is where I would start. There are 4 podiatrists listed from Austin and I personally know Drs Valencia and Brace. Good luck!!

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