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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Possible Nerve Injury Post Sesamoid Removal: Email Advice

Dear Dr. Blake!

I found your website when i was looking for some answers for my questions about my problem. I found so many useful things still im clueless a lil bit. 10 years ago i had a fractured sesamoid bone what was removed by operation. Since than i have constant pain in my foot,My doctor told me as in thefoot there are so many nerves its possible that some of them got hurt and thats why im having the discomfort feeling.I learned to live with it but lately i cant even step on it. Soon after the operation I left my country (Im from Hungary) and moved to Spain. Its been a while ive been working in catering, restaurants so im always walking or running. the skin of my big toe and the one next to it feels weird like numb. when my boyfriend massages it feels so much better though i dunno he does good with that. sometimes  when i walk i cant step on it cos it feels like im stepping on needles thats why im putting my weight on the other side of the foot but now my ankle and knee started hurting because of that. I am really sick and tired of having that pain all the time. im only 5 feet tall and cant  bare high heels! im about to see a doctor cos i need to do something about it but if you have anything in mind any advice i would appreciate it.
Thank you forward!

Dr Blake's response:
     Thank you so very much for your email and I am very sorry for your dilemma. I will be walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain in September. Your symptoms sound very much like nerve entrapment. You want the doctor to try to find out if the nerve is hung up in the scar or in the joint itself. This can takes many injections into the scar to see if he can deaden the nerve for 5 hours or so with long acting local anesthetic. If that can be identified, then injections with cortisone or enzymes can help. If not, then a second surgery to find the damaged nerve and possibly remove it like they do with Morton' neuroma. Nerves at this level are just sensory, so you are only left with some numbness.
     If you read through my blog you can see other treatments to try for nerve pain (like NeuroEze) or sesamoid pain (like icing, dancer's pads, and spica taping). I hope some of this helps. Please keep me in the loop. Rich

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