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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sesamoidectomy: Email Advice

Long back story but as of today I'm about 8 months removed from a tibial sesamoidectomy. Surgery was successful but I'm still dealing with post op discomfort. I think it is shoes and I'm guessing I still have a bit of swelling down there.

I wear.Clark's with new balance pressure reducing insoles to work. I still have a feeling of fullness on the sole of my forefoot behind my big and second toe. Just got a new pair of ascics sneakers and they feel pretty good. Just looking on some advice for dress/ work shoes. Appreciate your time.

Dr Blake's response:
     Thanks for the email. So you want a stable shoe with some good cushion in the sole. You want one with a removable insole so you can and padding and dancer's pads. The adhesive felt to make a dancer's pad can be purchased and get the 1/8th inch adhesive felt. This way you have room in the shoe to customize to your foot. Try to ice for 10 minutes once a day and do contrast bathing once every third night to continue to push out some of the chronic soft tissue inflammation. The scar tissue naturally heals from 9-12 months and that will also make you feel better. Make sure you are walking normally through your foot and not cheating by hanging out on the outside for your foot. In the long run, that will hurt you. Rich

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