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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Missing Sesamoid in Child

Hello Dr. Blake!

     My daughter injured her R foot in January. Initial x-rays at an urgent care center ruled out a fracture.  She was still mobile but the foot was uncomfortable (a 7 on the pain scale).  We finally went to a podiatrist and they did more xrays.  It was discovered that she is missing one of the sesamoid bones.  So, here we are in a boot 4 weeks later.  Pain is improving but I am wondering what we should do long term.  
     She is 9 years old and very active, just loves to play, no organized sports or dance.  

Any advice you can give would be very helpful!

Dr Blake's response:
Hey Melissa, I am sorry for your daughter's problem. Only a small percentage of people only have one sesamoid, so we do not know alot about that. However, do they think she hurt the other sesamoid? If so, you treat it as a fractured sesamoid with 3 months in the boot. During the 3rd month you have some form of orthotics made for her to protect her, so as she weans out of the boot, she will have the protection of the orthotics. You should be icing once a day now, and doing contrast bathing every other day in the evening as a deep flush. She should have a healthy diet. You should learn the skills seen in my blog of spica taping, designing dancer's pads, and Cluffy wedges, since they can all come in handy in the months after coming out of the boot. Hope this helps some. Rich

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