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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Foot Stability with Extrinsic Rearfoot Posts: Sexy Title!!

If any of you have orthotic devices, I invite you to comment on them. What they have done for you, what problems you have had? I repeatedly, since I am getting older, have patients express distress that I may retire someday and they will not be able to get good orthotics. I am honored, but it points to how important they are to so many people. I have been given quite a gift in life to be able to help these patients. For that, I am forever grateful to my profession and my mentors. 
     This short video goes over a small, but very powerful, part of the orthotic device called the rearfoot post. I owe Dr Christopher Smith, founder of SuperFeet, and one of my kind mentors, for introducing me to birkocork. Prior to birkocork, the posts I made were very hard. Birkocork posts are so much kinder on the knee and hip joints due to their shock absorption.

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