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Monday, May 23, 2016

Lower Extremity Nerve Symptoms: Looking for more than one Source

This was a comment to my You Tube video which I see often dealing with neurological problems in the lower extremities. There can be 2 or 3 sources of this neural tension that in themselves are minor, but together cause major disabilities. The treatment stems from finding all the possible triggers like poor posture sitting, overpronation of feet, poor core strength with low back issues, piriformis syndrome, etc, etc. I have had patients where the 2nd source of nerve irritation was the neck area, and the foot symptoms would not resolve unless the neck was stabilized somehow.

Hi Doctor Blake, I have a buzzy sensation in the ball of my foot when I walk. It began 10 months ago when I was running long distance. I had a variety of symptoms and was unsure where the pain was originating. It resulted in me developing a strong limp because I was in so much pain. I have had electric shock type pains travelling up my left leg, numbness in the ball of my left foot, pins and needles in my calf, tightness in my hamstring and glute. I have also had varying degrees of back discomfort but not enough for the doctor to think it is sciatica. I can't pinpoint a painful point in my foot and foot specialists haven't been able to either, although it does feel buzzy after it has been manipulated. I have had a steroid/anti inflammatory injection that didn't do much for me. The best thing has been some orthotics that raise my arch taking the pressure of the ball of my foot. I get the buzzy feeling by tapping the tarsal tunnel by my ankle as you demonstrated. What does this mean? Thanks,

Dr Blake's comment:

Thank you for your comment on the above video. You definitely are having neural tension and the source can be from 2 or 3 sources (and they all can be mild in nature, but have an additive effect). Please see a physiatrist or neurologist to look for back issues, piriformis, glut, ham, calf, tarsal tunnel or intermetatarsal neuritis signs. Someone should be able to figure out the syndrome, but it can be a lengthy process, and I am sorry. See my other video on the back relationship to foot symptoms. Rich

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