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Saturday, November 19, 2016

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

When I learned in college psychology what a great team was, I did not realize in life how difficult it would be to get on a great team. What does this have to do with my photo, well the Golden State Warriors are a great team. and I am a loyal fan. And I wanted some of you to be jealous!!LOL
What defines a great team, the Together Everyone Achieves More mantra, is the willingness of everyone to sacrifice for that team. Yes, from Iggy being willing to come off the bench, to Curry getting less shots, to Green not worrying about his points. The sacrifice one or two people make initially becomes infectious, and spreads throughout the team.
In my real life as a health care provider, I try to team up with my patients to achieve great results. Some want to be part of that team, others just want an opinion or quick fix. Members of my team not only include the patient, but the trainer, coach, physical therapist, consulting docs, etc. I am honored to be on some pretty good teams in this regard. 
I am frustrated some with how the patient must do this alone many times. Providers give an opinion, and nothing more. If the patient selects that provider, and something goes wrong, there is no Plan B, C, or D. The patient must fend for themselves. 
So, even though I have little impact on other docs, I hope those reading this can get into a team atmosphere for their injury. Everyone wins, but you as the patient must do what you are told if it makes sense. I had a patient on Wednesday this week who is getting better, and I know I gave her too much to do, but several of the treatment aspects she is not doing at all. So, the treatment will be stalled, or just go very very slowly. Typically if I need someone to stretch 5 times a day, it is for a reason, and once a day does not do it. Look at your programs, at what you are doing, and see if you can be a better team player. At least get the pompoms!!


  1. Hi Dr. Blake,
    I found your very helpful blog several weeks ago after enduring posterior tibial tendon surgery—due to a longboarding injury (I had a 1.5 inch longitudinal tear in my posterior tibial tendon). I appreciate your insights and patience in helping your patients. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! :)

    1. Thank you very much Adrie. If there are any specific questions to your injury and the rehab, please feel free to write. Thanks Rich


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