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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Another Motivational Video on Healing an Injury by Caroline Jordan

Caroline is such a delight to listen to as she herself is coping with trying to heal a foot injury. I have so many patients on both sides of the coin. Some stormed on through injury, and now are trying to control the quickest rehabilitation. Some get so frustrated that they give up, or try untested treatments, or even unnecessary surgeries. I think we have to surrender to the clock, and give up some goals possibly, and live in the present only as Caroline says. We however must not forget to listen to what our bodies are saying. If we have been told to ice, but it always increases pain, we should stop. If we got orthotics to shift the weight off a sesamoid, and we don't think it is enough, speak up. If we are told we have tight achilles, and we only stretched once a week in the past, we can control this. We can stretch more, 3 times a day can be needed to gain flexibility. So, control what you can, relax in the presence, learn some new things (cross training can be wonderful), and you may find you like something more that does not hurt than the activity that does hurt. Good luck. Thanks Caroline. You are motivating as always. 

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