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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Nerve Innervation Foot: Great Review of Local Nerves and Low Back Innervation

Nerve pain, also called neuropathic, is one of three common causes of pain in the foot. This is a wonderful review of this innervation. Any pain can have one, two, or three causes: mechanical, inflammatory, and neuropathic. Each aspect can be simple or complex to treat or even recognize. So many of my patients start with mechanical pain (for example, the sesamoid hits the ground too hard in a work out), develop chronic inflammatory pain as the body unsuccessfully tries to heal it, and then nerve pain sets in making the pain intolerable as the body tries to protect itself. It does not take long for an injury to have all 3 types of pain going on, each needing its own treatment. For example, the same sore sesamoid bone may need mechanical off loading, a daily dose of ice and contrasts, and neural flossing, Neuro-Eze, gentle but deep massage to get at the nerve pain.


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