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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Neural Flossing or Gliding: Dr Blake's Video

Nerve pain in the foot goes right to the brain on a super highway called peripheral nerves and gives up the most significant pain a podiatrist will treat. Any time a patient says that they have level 6 pain or higher, I will always look for a nerve component to their pain. It is common for a podiatrist to treat nerve entrapments, Morton's or Joplin's neuromas, tarsal tunnel syndrome, but there are alot of chronic problems that develop a hypersensitivity from nerve overload that needs to be treated. Neural flossing is a wonderful part of any nerve treatment. Here my wife Pat demonstrates neural flossing, aka neural gliding, with several provocations. You are trying to get the nerve to break its pain cycle but gently stimulating it in some way. Warmth and painfree massage, acupuncture, transcutaneous nerve stimulation, Calmare, etc, and other ways to keep reset the nerves to generate less and hopefully no pain.

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