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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Removable Boots and Possible Cutting off the Circulation

Hi Dr. Blake,

I have been wearing the boot a few days now...I have been experiencing some pretty intense waves of pain in my heel (like a burning ache) when I'm just sitting with the boot on. It's pretty this a normal "adjustment" to the boot or is this a bad sign? Is this bursitis or a reaction to the boot? Can I take the boot off when I'm just sitting around? 

Sorry to have more questions!

Dr. Blake's comment: Yes, please take the boot off when sitting, it is cutting off your circulation at rest! You only need it for walking/standing. If the cramping continues even after you take the boot off, go to the ER for a doppler to see if you have a blood clot. Definitely, do not sleep in the boot. Rich

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