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Monday, October 28, 2019

Over The Counter Insert Recommendation

Greetings Dr. Blake,

I’ve recently come across your blog, thankfully, and have been attempting to utilize techniques you’ve already suggested. I’ve had nagging type injuries most of my adult life, which have apparently caught up with me this year, as I’ve been to the doctor more than I can ever remember. Most of my issues are back pain, knee pain and toe pain, and I am sure they are all connected in some way. I recently began seeing an Orthopedic doctor after having major swelling in my right knee, which he has diagnosed as Patellofemoral arthritis, trochlear dysplasia and patella maltracking. I have similar symptoms in both knees, so although my right knee is the one that underwent the MRI, I believe I also have similar ailments in my left knee. 

While dealing with my knee issues, my left big toe became very swollen and painful. Initially my primary healthcare doctor believed it was Gout, which he began treatment for, but my blood work returned normal, leading him to say he believed I had turf toe. I spoke with the orthopedic doctor during a follow-up on my knee, and he believes I have hallux rigidus, although the testing was not very thorough, in my opinion, and there were no x-rays or MRIs completed. 

Regardless, I’ve been dealing with pain in my toe, which has lead to other pains in my foot, due to being unable to walk normally. The toe issues began about three weeks ago, and have thankfully begun to improve. I still feel pain, but it is not constant (weighted or unweighted on foot), and while my walk is still not normal, it is better than it was. I believe part of it is due to being prescribed a steroid dosepak early on, then continuing with ibuprofen, ice, heat baths, self massaging and stretching, and most recently, spica taping has helped a lot! 

I know one of your articles mentioned having correct shoes to eliminate pronating, but I am required to wear boots throughout my work day. I am in law enforcement and I have to wear black boots, thankfully, due to my role as a dog handler, they don’t have to be polished, so I’ve mainly utilized hiking boots. I recently bought a new pair, which are supposed to have a more rigid sole, but I was wondering if there were any OTC orthotic inserts you could recommend that would help improve my biomechanics when walking, and hopefully get me to the point of run easier at work. I’ve seen some claim to provide support and correct alignment within your body, but am hesitant to spend as much money some are asking for their products, without solid reviews from others with my issues. Thankfully, I’ve been fortunate to not be tested very much while attempting to deal with these newfound issues, but the day will surely come, and I’d like to be as close to my prior form as I can be. Any additional advice you may have would be greatly appreciate. 

I, and I’m sure many others, am grateful you are running your blog and giving out such great advice. The way my own doctors read these issues off made it seem similar to a sprained ankle, where just a brace and time would fix the issues, and not much in-depth information was given. 

Thank you for your time and generosity,

Dr. Blake’s comment:
Thank you for your email. And thank you for the kind words. I really like the Red Sole inserts with the black bottom. These are very stable. If the arch is alittle high you can fill it down some or a shoe repair store can take some out of the arch. Let me know how they help. Rich

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