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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Where do I go from Here?

     Thank you for reading this blog. I am in my 10th year, and I find writer’s block is my daily friend. 
My wife and I just got back from walking over 500 miles in Spain along an old, but very relevant in today’s world, pilgrimage trail called the Camino de Santiago. I helped many pilgrims along the way with my Podiatry knowledge. I experienced incredible peace and joy. I was blessed to do it with my wife Patty, the love of my life for 42 years.
     I just finished my second book “The Inverted Orthotic Technique” for Podiatrists, and I am working on my third. I hope those who read “Secrets to Keep Moving” were helped. I plan on teaching and writing more next year as I move into semi-retirement. I hope you will continue to bless me with your friendship. Rich


  1. Dr Blake, Thank you so much for sharing all this amazing knowledge with us over the years. I saw you almost 10 years ago for relief from an injury, and I have moved from very restrictive footwear and activity to Pilates, swimming, skating, running, and Zumba with who knows what next (yoga, for sure). The orthotics are now in the closet as I move more into zero-drop footwear and some (carefully) barefoot style shoes. My feet are stronger and are more active partners in my fitness journey, and the benefits flow right up my legs into my hips and spine. I'm healthier at 60 than I was at 40, and your excellent care was a true foundation for my ongoing journey.

    I hope you will continue your guidance here!

    1. Nancy, what an angel you are!! Thank you so very much. I am so happy your feet are strong and powerful now. Your heart felt words are incredibly inspirational to me. Thank you. Rich


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