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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Heel Stress Fracture: But Is It Due To Weight Bearing?

This is the side view of the heel bone on an MRI.
The view is a T2 image highlighting swelling.
The heel bone (calcaneus) should be very dark if normal.
The fracture line with surrounding inflammation is seen at the top of the heel bone.

Here is the same image but T1 which highlights the bone.
The fracture line in the heel bone is very clearly seen.
Again, this fracture did not originate from the impact of the heel on the ground.

Perhaps harder to understand, but this is a cross section through the back of the heel bone.
It is T2 so highlights fluid or inflammation
Again, the inflammation is in the upper half of the heel bone. 
This fracture was not caused by striking the heel to the ground, but perhaps a weak spot in a bone that is weak with osteoporosis.

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