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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Walk Run Program Email Comments by a Patient

Hi there,

Happy new year!  I thought I’d check back and give you a few updates.  

The Walk Run program has been going well and I just completed Level 7.  That said, I have noticed a slight increase in pain in the past week or two.  While I used to notice a dull ache (1-2 on scale of 10) every now and again, it has risen to a 1.5-2.5 range and is more constant throughout the day.  Note: I don’t notice it when I’m exercising; it’s more just a slight dull ache I notice as I’m going about my day.  How do these things typically progress?  Should start taking 3 day breaks in between runs to let it rest longer?  (In which case, I’d want to ride my mountain bike in the interim for cardio).  Does the pain eventually go away as my foot strengthens/adjusts or, at some point should we consider another approach?  This foot injury has plagued me for so long that I’m terrified of having a setback or undoing the progress I’ve made so far.  
Dr. Blake’s Comment: You are following the protocol of keeping it at 0-2 during each phase of rehabilitation. Good job!! You definitely have to make a change to knock this pain down. Since you finished level 7, but it sounds like even level 6 may have increased symptoms, I would like you to go back to level 5 for the next two weeks but continue to run every other day. Definitely ice twice the day you run, once right after for 10-15 minutes, and the second 10 minutes in the hour before bed. Email in 2-3 weeks to see if the pain is getting better and we will make appropriate change. But, in general, 2 weeks level 5 and if okay, then 2 weeks at each level moving up to level 10. 

I got the modified orthotics last week - thanks so much!  I tried them out and they felt good but, after a few hours on my feet, my foot felt a little sore (again, like the 2-2.5 range).  I’m not sure if that’s b/c they are harder, b/c the shape differs from my other orthotics, or maybe this just coincided with the above-mentioned pain - but I decide to shelf them for now.  In my mind, I’d best not try them out until my other pain goes away.  Sound good?
Dr. Blake’s comment: Good choice! If they had made an instant improvement, I would have had you use them, but since they did not, let us take that variable off the shelf. Rich 


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