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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Sesamoid AVN Help: Info emailed from patient

For sesamoid AVN, we had a long email correspondence throughout last year :-) the main things that worked were:
- initially, lots of rest, icing, massage
- walking in Hokas and Birkenstock sandals with metatarsal pads
- wearing dancers' pads in the initial stages (but I found that in the later stages they had a tendency to sustain the swelling rather than allowing my foot to press down on the swelling and evacuate it)
- taping my toe down

- doing the toe mobility exercises (from the video that you had sent me)

- I also did the Exxogen quite diligently for 4 months, though I'm not sure whether it helped or not (but who knows!)
- and a lot of patience, and trial and error to get things right
Second MRI showed a sesamoid that was fully inflamed, but no more signs of AVN according to my doctor Dr Saxena!

Kind regards,

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