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Monday, August 30, 2021

Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapists

     I am always sending my patients with some sort of nerve pain to seek the advice of a physical therapist specially trained in nerve pain. It took years to find out that these physical therapists had a national organization. Even though I find the website a bit confusing, any physical therapy office in your town may have an associate member. Ask the office if any of their providers are members of ANPT, or at least have a sub speciality in nerves. 
     When dealing with acute or chronic problems, I find that some many patients have a primary or secondary nerve problem. A chronic problem can develop nerve hypersensitivity needing nerve treatments, or an acute injury may be to the nerve primarily. There are easy problems like tarsal tunnel and Morton's neuroma which need nerve attention in treatment, but there are more subtle problems like chronic achilles pain or heel pain that are produced by the local nerve. 
     I always teach that there are 3 sources of any pain issue: mechanical, inflammation, or neuropathic. It is the neuropathic pain that does not respond to as well to mechanical and anti-inflammatory treatments and may need some nerve TLC. 

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