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Saturday, August 28, 2021

What is this Quick Tape? More Diagnostic for Plantar Fasciitis than an MRI for most cases!

Good Morning my wonderful readers! Yesterday I put in a plug for Quick Tape from a company near Seattle, Washington called Support The Foot. For my treatment of any heel and arch problem that I believe may be plantar fasciitis, or sometimes it is the patient who believes the most in that diagnosis, I will use Quick Tape as a treatment and as diagnostic tool. If the pain goes away while you are taping, or at least feels a-lot better, you most likely have Plantar Fasciitis. The taping is worn for about 2-3 months on average, each piece lasting a week. If the tape does not help, I begin to look for another cause of pain like nerve issues, stress fractures, and torn something. Even though not 100% accurate, it is pretty close. It is very easy to get by ordering from the website. Good luck!
Here are my students at the California School of Podiatric Medicine showing off their Quick Tape after learning the technique

I love to teach, and being in private practice, my teaching is primarily with my patients. However, I have had the great luck or fortune, to have some involvement with the school since I was a student, each and every year for the last 45 years (one year longer than I have been married). I will try to keep those 2 streaks going!!

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