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Friday, August 13, 2021

Customizing OTC inserts: Quick Way to Begin to Change Mechanics

Podiatrists are always designing custom inserts to change a patients mechanics in some way to help their problems. Sometimes that correction is direct (like off loading a sore area seen with the horse shoe shape blue pad), and sometimes that correction is indirect (like the white metatarsal pad to help center the foot). Here I have added 3 adjustments to this Dr Scholl's inserts. The patient initially had the gray appearing heel wedge to help with pronation forces. When the patient returned, both his knee and low back had felt better with pronation control, but he was having new problems with the front 2nd metatarsal. The blue padding was then to help that. Once the inserts wear out, because I take photos of all of these inserts, I am able to re-make them if the patient sends into the office a new pair. Ah, biomechanics!!

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