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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bone Injury Healing is Delayed: Think about Testing for Normal Bone Density

Normal bone density is important. Here is an example of Bone Density Screening showing good bone density in this 54 year old woman. The low back(L1-L4) and hip (Total) areas are used in the screening. I was extremely happy about this great test, since she had a problem healing an ankle injury involving the cartilage, and a low bone density would have been treatment even more complex. Even in the face of normal bone density, the recommended 1500 mg Calcium and 1000 units Vit D3 daily are important with any bone/cartilage injury.

 But what if you are low? The video below highlights that simple weight bearing exercises like toe drops and walking is crucial at improving (premenopausal) or maintaining (postmenopausal). With a gradual program, most patients can increase the stress to their weight bearing bones carefully enough to help when bone density needs improvement. Injuries to bone definitely heal slower when bone density is compromised.

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