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Friday, December 23, 2016

Free eBook to My 126 Followers

Special Book Offer to my 126 Followers to Date!!

12 days ago I placed this great offer and 14 of my followers took me up on this! Please I am happy to send you guys my eBook for free!! Happy Holidays!!

For most of my readers, my health problems have been kept secret. Sort of like this book. But, I had a small stroke in August and could not do a 300 mile walk in Northern Spain I had dreamt about for years. So, it was a year of disappointment and poor health, but I am doing fine. And, I am forever grateful for what I have. I want to thank my 126 followers by offering a free eBook to them if they email me at with an email address to send the eBook. It is a good way for me to say thank you and not take them for granted. They have been very faithful. This offer is only good for them until 1/1/17, and I ask they contact the book retailers with a review that is in their heart. Good or Bad, whatever. This book is who I am. How many get to say that!! Love you all. And thank you. 

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