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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Holidays!!!

I wanted to take this time to cherish the moment we are in. What ever our plight, we hopefully can feel blessed in some way (even if you are not religious). We all have a spiritual side, some more hidden than others. We all need to stop for moments in our lives and reflect on the goodness we see or feel. The Holidays and the start of a new year are the perfect times to reflect in this way. Thank you all for being a relatively new, but extremely important, part of my life. I try to be a source of common sense in the medical world. I had a health scare this year, a wake up call if I choose to make a change. We all get these from time to time. They are all in some way gifts to us. Sometimes apparent, other times not so. So whatever your religious event this season, vow to stop and cherish your loved ones, those who help you in some way get from day to day, They may be the biggest and brightest and most meaningful gifts you receive. 

From the author of this one blog: Happy Holidays!!

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