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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Peripheral Neuropathy: WalkJoy Device a Possible Help

This product I have no experience with, but I really could not find anything wrong. If any of my readers have some information, please comment on this post. Thank you. Rich

Dr. Blake,

WalkJoy is the only FDA approved device to help reduce falls and foot ulcers for patients with peripheral neuropathy.  We'd love to see if we can help some of your patients.  Attached is a flier and a few testimonials.



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Testimonials from Patients

“Life Changing”
Thank you to The Foundation For Peripheral Neuropathy for introducing me to WalkJoy, Inc.  I am a 78 year old retired Plastic Surgeon. I had a major back surgery 9 years ago with total success. Post-surgery, I noted there was a burning in both feet and the surgeon said it could not be repaired. Over the next few years, I was told I had Peripheral Neuropathy, etiology unknown. The burning went away, but I had complete numbness resulting in loss of balance that slowly developed into full blown problems that were debilitating. After two years, my EMG showed destruction of the axons and myelin.
I have been using the WalkJoy for several months now and am thrilled with the results that have been fabulous. I play golf 6 days a week with amazing balance, improving my game and I am using the treadmill with increasing speed. Socially I feel more comfortable in movies and getting up from a table. My general walking has increasing length of strides and my improved balance is life changing for me. I am grateful for the wonderful way my active life has improved.
I sincerely hope more neurologists are made aware of the WalkJoy product to make their patient’s lives much better.                                 Larry R. MD FACS    Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“I feel more stable and in control.”
I am an 80-year-old male and I have had idiopathic axonal sensory peripheral neuropathy for at least 10 years.  It has progressed to the point where I have no sensory nerve response from my toes to below the knees.  As a result, my balance is very poor and I use a cane.  I was becoming sedentary as my ability to maintain my balance declined. I read about the WalkJoy units in my Neuropathy Association newsletter and decided to give them a try.
What a difference they make!  I wear the WalkJoy units nearly full time.  When walking I am able to increase my stride and speed, and I feel more stable and in control. I walk several miles a day for exercise, and my neighbors have commented on my improved mobility.
I feel the WalkJoy units are enabling me to avoid having to use a walker, and ultimately a wheel chair.  I am very pleased with my increased mobility.  Thank you, WalkJoy!"                                                        Lee M.  Modesto, CA

“My first reaction…was astonishment.”
My first reaction to trying out the WalkJoy units was astonishment. Within about a dozen paces, I was walking with an almost normal gait. All without feeling anything detectable from the units.
I am 92 years old and have had idiopathic peripheral neuropathy for at least the past dozen years. I have fallen a few times, and I have to watch my feet when I walk. My excellent physical therapist found that I still have some proprioception (muscle sense) available in my feet, and exercises have helped improve my balance.
The improvement when using WalkJoy is clear and almost immediately evident to me. I now wear them most of the day, every day. There is a temporary residual effect when I take them off, and it takes almost an hour before my walking gait deteriorates. WalkJoy is an excellent product, but it is not, I repeat, not a cure. My balance tests show that without WalkJoy my proprioception is still faulty – especially when I try to stand, unsupported with my eyes closed. Don’t expect miracles.                                                    William T., Ph.D.    Sarasota, FL

“I am able to move with greater ease and balance.”
I have been using WalkJoy for about 6 weeks.  I have peripheral neuropathy so my feet cannot feel the ground.  This has caused me to have poor balance even though I have had balance training in physical therapy.

As soon as I started using Walk Joy my balance improved noticeably.  Smooth, shiny floors (usually marble) have long been a challenge for me, but no longer.  I can now comfortably walk on these floors.  I have also begun to walk my dog again.  I am not as afraid of falling and am more assured when I walk.

I had been frustrated because there is no treatment for the loss of sensation caused by peripheral neuropathy and was thrilled when I learned about WalkJoy.  Thanks to WalkJoy I am able to move with greater ease and balance.                      Janice C.  Falls Church, VA

WalkJoy has truly changed my mothers life.
Walkjoy has truly changed my mothers life. seriously. She had tried so many different treatments and nothing worked. Her doctors told her there was no cure for her neuropathy and that she would just have to learn to live with it. This went on for 4 years! Well they were totally wrong! My mom started using the Walkjoy units every day and felt a change (for the better) almost immediately. It has been around 2 weeks now and she is like a new person. Walking around is not an issue anymore. It has not only changed my mothers life but ours as well!                                                                Margaret B.  New York, NY

“My Dad has not fallen EVEN Once!”
My Dad could not be happier with the WalkJoy after a little more than three months of use. He has not fallen EVEN ONCE! Daddy is very active and walks outdoors every day. He is now back to walking almost a mile down our local road, as well as back and forth from his tractor shed (about 100 yards from the house) many times all day long. All of his leg and foot wounds have healed (I do not know if it is from the correct walking posture or just from not tripping and falling) and he is able to do so much more of what he likes every day.

Robert D. Houston, TX

“Muscle strength and stamina”
After experiencing nearly 20 years of increasing debilitation due to peripheral neuropathy, he was thrilled to feel the sense of balance and control that WalkJoy gave him! 
Three full weeks have passed now and he has not used his electric scooter once! He relies solely on his walker and cane without fear of falling. With each day of renewed confidence in his balance and stability, he has been able to increase his walking and exercise activities. As a result, both his muscle strength and stamina are slowly returning.
WalkJoy is an excellent product with the potential to change lives! We are so grateful to have been introduced to it.
John and CeCe H.  Santa Barbara, CA


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