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Friday, July 2, 2010

Foot Orthotic Devices: Hannaford best for Shock Absorption

     I would like to introduce you all to the Hannaford Orthotic Device. Dr David Hannaford from San Rafael California introduced it into the profession of podiatry in the 1980s after years of treating athletes. For this, I owe Dr Hannaford a long overdue Thank you!!! It is the best orthotic device on the market for many conditions needing cushion and support. The top layer is memory foam, and the subsequent layers give some structure and durability. If you have chronic heel pain, chronic stress factors, chronic knee or hip joint pain, and wear shoes that can accommodate a bulky orthotic device, this is the orthotic device to try.

     It is a product unfortunately not made by any orthotic labs, but can be easily learned. I make them for my patients, and for the doctors in our clinic patients. There is a slight learning curve when using them, but their use must be increased. I will try to expand it's use through this blog. I will try to encourage my patients with this device to comment on the device and what it has done for them. Any mold impression of the foot can be used to manufacture this device. As the memory form compresses for the first 30 hours of wear, the device actually gets alot better. The photo below does no justice to its effectiveness. It is a temporary orthotic device lasting one year, but many patients choose it as their permanent orthosis with yearly remakes.

The material used is 1/2" plastazote with the soft orange against the skin and the more supportive on the ground. The 2 layers are glued together before pressing.

A vacuum press is used to press around a mold of the foot under high pressure and allowed to cool in shape.

The material is removed from the mold and excess material cut off with scissors before the grinding process begins.

The grinding process takes a little time to learn, but any lab or doctor could learn the 10 plus steps fairly easily if they want to learn.

After the grinding is complete, a leather topcover is applied after gluing both surfaces. The leather allows the clinician to check the wear pattern on follow up visits.

I sure hope if you need a Hannaford Orthotic Device for maximal shock absorption for chronic stress fractures, chronic heel pain, knee or hip arthritis, this post will allow you to get the device easier. I have seen hundreds of types of orthotic devices, and never seen a device that works so well when maximal shock absorption is needed.


  1. I have been a patient of Dr. Blake's for the past 15 years and have been using the Hannaford orthotic for that period of time. A bout of colitis resulting in weight loss and a reduction in fat pads in the soles of my feet, led to pain in the ball region of my feet.
    I was informed that my high arches were also a factor in causing the pain. I am a middle school teacher and have to be on my feet most of the day.
    So I needed an orthotic device that would provide support for the above conditions and allow me to perform my job. The Hannaford is very SOFT and COMFORTABLE, supporting my feet like gloves on hands!
    Now I have ZERO foot issues and I attribute this to the orthotic and good motion control shoes. I consider this and my mouth guard (which also lasts one year) to prevent night-time teeth grinding, as essential yearly purchases!

  2. 10 years since this post, so have an update question: Is this any better than any of the current top of the line custom orthotics out there?


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