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Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Recommended Website

     Daily I am awed, inspired, humbled, tearful, and speechless at the stories I hear of the heroes out there among us. One organization of heroes that creates heroes daily in Team In Training. They put on events for the novice and experienced athlete to help raise money for research to fight blood disease which kills someone every 10 minutes in the US. But they raise more than money, they raise heroes. Heroes whose lives are forever changed, as they run, walk, or bike towards a goal. The emphasis is on TEAM. Together Everyone Achieves More. To be part of a winning team is the quest of all of us. Athletics create many opportunities for it. Look what LeBron is trying to create. Parents try to make their families winning teams. Offices try to create winning teams. The old adage is that there is no I in team. A successful team has members that think of the team first, themselves second. I try to team up with my patients to be successful in our treatment. My wife and I team up to try to be successful in raising our boys. Team In Training has been so successful in creating heroes, funding research, and saving lives that they epitomize TEAMWORK. Please look at their website. Hopefully, you will be motivated to join. Perhaps you can share some story. I have treated many of their athletes. They are truly inspirational to me!! Thank you.

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