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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Horseshoes are not Just for Horses: Try it for Ankle Sprains

Following an Ankle Sprain, Compression is essential 24/7 to reduce swelling as quickly as possible. Swelling is your enemy slowing down the speed of healing by reducing good arterial blood flow to the injured areas, floating the joint surfaces adding to the instability, increasing the pain which leads to more swelling cycle, limiting the range of motion, and making it difficult to walk (no walk, no activities for rehab). A horse shoe has a hole over the bone (does not matter if it swells there) and material to compress the swelling in the areas of the ligaments and tendons. This is held in place by the compression sock which has been folded down so that you can see the horse shoe. I use 1/4 inch felt, but even a rolled up sock, face cloth, etc will do. Be creative for once it your life!! Just kidding. Add contrast bathes, see link below, and you should be able to reduce the swelling dramatically in a short time. By the way, horseshoe patterns are much better than donut patterns since the hole at the top (hole towards the heart rule) makes sure the swelling moves freely away from the injured area.

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