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Friday, February 25, 2011

When the bottom of your feet are sore, Consider Accommodations

 Here is a pair of insoles made of neolon, a knockoff of Spenco. Spenco is the best shock absorping material on the market that I have worked with over the last 30 years. It is shock absorbing and very durable. You can purchase at many retail stores or at www. I cover almost all my orthotics, other than dress and Hannaford, with spenco. It is neopreme, the foam rubber you find in wet suits.
 Here I have made accommodations, or cut outs, for a patient with sore areas under both fifth metatarsals and both big toes. See how the inserts have changed from their original design. This can dramatically change the pressure distribution on the bottom of the feet.
Here I have added more accommodation to the bottom of the inserts by taking adhesive felt and placing it next to the cut out areas. The adhesive felt can be purchased as a roll from . I use 1/8 inch felt. You can use many products to glue or tape onto the insert to accomplish the off weighting of the sore area. Many of my patients are quite artistic.

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