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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top 100 Biomechanical Guidelines #42: Root Balancing Forefoot Valgus maximizes Lateral and Metatarsal Support

A Forefoot Valgus Cast sits Inverted on the countertop.
The edge of the box is vertical demonstrating the Inverted heel position of the cast.
When this type of cast is Root Balanced, the lateral column and the metatarsal arch gets great support.

 Positive Cast with Inverted Heel noting forefoot valgus type foot
 Heel is set to vertical before plaster poured into negative cast
 Negative casts being set for pouring
 Once the plaster dries, the cloth is removed. The inverted heel position is seen.
 The forefoot is balanced initially with a nail.
 Plaster is used to make a platform for balancing.
 The platform will make a dramatic lateral and metatarsal arch.
 Here the lateral arch is demonstrated.
Here the metatarsal area is shown lower than the platform, which will make a great metatarsal arch within the plastic.

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