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Friday, February 18, 2011

Support Hose for Swollen Feet/Ankles: Common Problem

     When your feet and ankles begin to get swollen as you age, many are treated with support hose. The purpose of this post is only to tell you of one of the pitfalls. When the support hose begins to get loose, patients tend to fold them below the knee thus cutting off the circulation and making matters worse. Here are 2 photos showing first that the left side is stretched out too much. And secondly, the patient responded to the loose hose by folding it back on itself, cutting off the venous return to the heart. If you have any loved ones with support hose, make sure that their hose fits well, and when they remove them, their should not be a deep impression into the skin just below the knee.

 Here the left support hose is too loose and can be easily pulled above the knee compared to the right one.
 Here the patient fixes the situation with folding the support hose below the knee, thus cutting off the venous return to the heart.
A cloudy but inspiring San Francisco Sunset.

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